Spiritual Healing, Distance Healing, Healing by Skype and Evidence Based Mediumship

n Spiritual Healing the Healer acts as a medium or channel for energy from the spirit world. It is the spirit guides or workers who work through the medium/healer and they are themselves connected to source or God or whatever else you wish to call it. What happens during and after a healing session to the person seeking healing is between that person and God. As healers we are the mediums through which the REAL healers work.

Most healers have practised for years to develop their mediumistic skills enabling them to act as the conductor of energy from spirit. Mostly this involves sitting in attunement with their spirit workers to enable them to work more effectively on a regular basis and attending workshops and seminars. Spiritual healing complements whatever treatment a client is receiving from a trained health professional.

One session costs EUR60,- incl. VAT. Shorter sessions of 30 minutes available for EUR30,-.

In Distance Healing the healer relays through “thought” and “intention” the details of the person who has asked for healing and their issue to the spirit guides and workers who then transmit their own healing energies to the person who has asked for healing.

I offer distance healing on a donation basis. There is no fixed fee. Please email me for more details.

Healing using Skype.

It is all energy. A healing sitting can take place using Skype too. If you are interested in having a healing session using Skype please email me.

In all healing cases I will ask for feedback. All discussions and sessions are of course completely confidential.

Evidence Based Mediumship

An Evidence Based Mediumship Sitting can also be a form of healing for those seeking for confirmation that their loved one has passeed into the Spirit World. A “Sitting” is as follows:

There is a short discussion during which the medium explains the process. The medium gives evidence based information received from the spirit person who comes through. At the end the client may ask a few questions. There is a round-up discussion.

These sittings are also available using Skype.

A sitting lasts 45 minutes and costs EUR50,- including VAT.

If you would like more information please contact me.