What is Spiritual Healing?

“The word Healing means to make energy available to the body so that a disorder can be cured.” (Franz Alper)

Under disorder I understand either an over function or an under function of the energy system. We consist of body, soul and spirit. I try to balance these three levels with my energy work, so that there is no over or under function.

The healer is a channel for the all-encompassing energy. He is in the position to transfer this energy purposefully. The most important tools of a healer are, however, his intuition, his unconditional love for people, his faith in the divine or “All that is” and his sensitivity. Questions, a confidential discussion and time are important and decide how hope and healing can be generated for the person seeking healing.

Finally, however, the recovery process is between the person seeking healing and the divine. The healer supports the recovery process through the transfer of energy that stimulates the self healing powers of the person seeking healing and helps them on their outer and inner path to healing.

“Healing is always and fundamentally a self healing and self regeneration of the person receiving healing.” (Horst Krohne)

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What can happen during and/or after a Transfer of Energy?

there are many differences. Some people feel a coldness or a heat or a formication. Others sense a wave of energy or a deep tiredness. One can also feel nothing. That does not mean, however, that the energy transfer is for nothing. The great English healer Harry Edwards said that something always takes place at a soul level.

Detoxification Sysmptoms

During the energy transfer detoxification symptoms sometimes appear, e.g., a skin rash, cold symptoms or a feeling of depression. Under these conditions it is recommended to drink more water, to sleep more and to follow a healthy diet. Should you have the feeling that you should visit a doctor then do so.

Online and Distant Healing

More and more today spiritual healing sessions take place online. Distant healing is also increasingly popular. For the spirit world, whose energy is much finer that ours, it is not significantly different to a normal one-to-one session. 

I offer a variety of possibilities that can be found on my site under “What I Offer.” The longer the session you book for online healing the more time there is for a discussion and advice.  A short session will be limited to the transfer of energy. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.