Being there for Yourself 07 April 2021

Nearly two years ago somebody said to me: “I need you in the team. You are a rock.” The story of my life. The person who has always been reliable, there to protect others, available to help when needed, the person who has always put others first. Looking back when I have needed help there was almost nobody there. Therefore, one of my goals now is to put myself first and focus on what I really want to do with the rest of my life. This means setting boundaries and letting some people and things go that do not support my life purpose and path.

I am by nature a helper. I could not be a spiritual healer if this was not so. But all of us need some structure in life and cannot be expected to be all things to all people. If you feel you might also fit into this description then consider your current situation. Do the people you spend most of your time with support your true self? Are you following your life path? We are in a period of great energetic transformation. It is time for change especially for those of us who feel that we are more than simply a physical body in a materialistic world.

Consider where you would like to be in a year or two. Perhaps longer. Where are you now. What are the first steps you can take to begin the transformation? Off we go!!

The Spiritual Reasons Behind COVID 06 April 2021

What does Spirit want us to learn from COVID? Why is it happening from a spiritual point of view?  There are two main themes.

Firstly, Spirit wants us to take a look within. To look at the way we are living as individuals and as groups. Are we doing things that make us happy and content? Do we have a job that brings us satisfaction and do our values align with the way our employer does business? Have we got a support group around us or are we hanging on to people just because they have been friends for a long time or because they are family? Are we living where we want to? This is the time to ask these questions and start taking action to improve where required. I am in the process of doing this myself. There are people in my life who do not support my spirituality, who are not inquisitive about the world like I am. They need to be replaced by people who are on my wavelength and I am beginning this process. What about you?

Secondly, Spirit has presented us with an opportunity to see just how incredibly corrupt our political, financial and industrial systems are. Not to mention how corrupt science is. Like everything else it is highly influenced by money, political agendas and human nature. From a mundane, materialist and geopolitical point of view, COVID is a major power play by globalist elites to restructure society along lines of a 1984 style system. In other words it is about the centralization of everything and complete control of everything and everybody. The evidence for this is overwhelming. If you are sceptical and have faith in the system who will need to be prepared to question your beliefs and do a lot of research in order to form an opinion. 

In general, Spirit has presented us with a chance to transform our own lives and to transform our societies for the better. We cannot do this by sitting in front of the TV and buying into the relentless COVID propaganda. All statements made by governments and institutions must be questioned and examined. Always look behind the numbers and statistics and remember this: PEOPLE IN POWER LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE. Most people go along with whatever they have to to hold a job down, pay the bills and keep family and friends happy. If we are to be true to our spiritual nature we must be the ones who stand up to be counted and refuse to go along with this globalist agenda as far as is possible. SPREAD LOVE NOT FEAR. The media spreads fear everyday. So do governments and paid for scientists. We can counter this with a smile and a refusal to buy into it. We are a minority but a growing minority. The powers that be are few but their power is great. They are trying to wear us down with emotional blackmail and psychological warfare techniques. They have a limited timeframe to push through their agenda before too many people have woken up. It is up to mankind to understand what their agenda is and to stop supporting it. Spirit is giving us this opportunity. 


Eine Chance etwas neues zu entwickeln?  11 Mai 2020

Obwohl das Lockdown viele wirtschaftliche Probleme und viele Nebenerkrankungen verursacht, gibt es aus spiritueller Sicht mögliche positive Entwicklungen vorzustellen.

Einige von uns haben viel Zeit zu Hause verbringen müssen und wir haben dieser Zeit ausgenutzt zum Überleben, ob wir ein Leben führen, dass uns wirklich innere Zufriedenheit bringt. Darüber hinaus, gibt es immer mehr Menschen, die sich fragen, ob die offiziellen Institutionen wie die Welt Gesundheitsorganisation oder sogar die Regierung, die Wahrheit erzählen. Dazu, verliert den Medien weiter an Vertrauen und Glaubwürdigkeit unter der Bevölkerung.

Astrologen meinen, dass die Energie um uns steigt und die Vibrationen Änderungen zugunsten der Menschen unterstützen und die bisher versteckte Wahrheit wird veröffentlicht. Hier geht es um Korruption unter der Eliten, Politikern, u.s.w., die zurzeit nur wenig von uns bekannt ist.

In der kommenden Dekade kann eine bessere Welt entstehen. Das alte System muss aber zuerst zusammenfallen, damit ein neues System entwickelt werden kann. Dieser Prozess könnte ziemlich chaotisch sein und verlangt von uns, die die Geopolitik gut verstehen und auch spirituelle Menschen sind, Geduld, Mut und Verständnis.

The Virus Fear 26 April 2020

An atmosphere of fear has been created around a virus called COVID 19. The mainstream media has primarily created this fear with 24/7 saturated coverage. Nothing else appears to matter anymore. The lockdown has created more fear as so many people have lost their jobs or think they might whilst many others are on short working.


If you buy into the fear they have got you. Take steps to dissascociate from it. Meditate. Do tapping or Ecomeditation (tapping with meditation). Go outside for a walk or exercise and take in deep breaths of fresh PRANA. Take other steps to strengthen your immune system such as improving your diet, watching something humorous on the internet and of course exercise.

As far as the virus is concerned the available date tells us that statistically it is similar to the flu. We must therefore ask ourselves why all this panic and fear?

I suggest people do lots of research and ask lots of questions.

Changing The World 12 August 2019

Most people reading this will believe we are a soul having a physical experience. Most, though not all, will believe we have had many lives and many experiences leading to where we are now. In turn this current civilisation has evolved over time to where it is now. Frankly, it is sometimes difficult to be optimistic about the human race. Wars and revolutions take place on a regular basis. Over the years I have become a bit of an expert on geopolitical developments because I wanted to understand from a young age how society or the world worked. It is not a pretty picture. Those at the top of the pyramid are anything but spiritual. However, consider this. They are there because the rest of us allow them to be there. We support the system by working for it and buying their products and services. We vote for their puppet politicians falling for their clever and deceitful speeches and empty promises. 

The powers that be are not one group of people with a CEO and CFO. There are different interests all competing for position just like in office politics. You cannot change the system from the top. You begin from the bottom. There are so many simple things that a person can do to have an effect. Stop buying mainstream newspapers and magazines. They are merely mouthpieces of the elites – all of them. The same goes for mainstream TV and Radio. Throw your TV away. Keep social media to a minimum. Engage with people face to face. Take an interest in your neighbours. Eat healthier food. Try and buy some of it from markets and small shops. Who do you work for? What are the top managers involved in? Are they members of organisations like the Bilderbergers, the CFR or ECFR? Do they attend Davos or Google Camp? All these are globalist organisations seeking to move us closer to a more controlled and centralised society. Remember you provide support to these people by working for them. You also support them if you are a customer. It is ENERGY. You give them power and energy by your behaviour towards them. If you stop working for them and stop buying their products and services then you reduce their power over you and their overall influence.

Be a questioner and not a repeater. The education system produces obedient and efficient cogs in the system who are largely incapable of inquiry and satisfied simply with a degree of perceived security and safety. Is this what the soul wants? I don’t think so. The soul wants to grow and evolve and experience. It cant do that if you are a mere corporate or government slave.

My call to action is to please consider what you can do at your level to support a more humane society and to take steps in this direction.

Affirmation 08 August 2019

Glücklich bin ich.

Gesund bin ich.

Heilig bin ich.

Healthy am I.

Happy am I.

Holy am I.

BREATHING   Correct breathing and breathing exercises have long been thought to improve health. They can also be used to improve spiritual and psychic abilities.

There are a wide variety of breathing exercises. These include yoga techniques, the DR Butyoko method (s) and Cosmic Breathing as described and practised by the great British healer Harry Edwards (1893-1976) and many more.

I use a simple 4 beat breathing exercise once or twice a day for overall benefit. Breath in to the count of four – hold to the count of four – breath out to the count of four – hold to the count of four. Repeat several times. You can do this lying on the floor, standing or sitting at your own pace. I also practice Cosmic Breathing.

Cosmic Breathing was used as a prelude to distant healing by Harry Edwards as well as for general benefit. The sitter should go into meditation and bring their foucs to their breath. Then breathe in slowly through the nose, filling the lungs, hold for a short period then breathe out slowly and completly. Repeat a few times.

Whilst breathing in the sitter should visualise or be conscious of taking in inner strength and vitality

to supply the body with cleansing and vigorating forces. (A). Whilst breathing out imagine releasing waste.

A = Cosmic Breathing P31-33. A Guide To The Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing by Harry Edwards.

In Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your life” she associatetes lung problems with the ability to take in life. Whilst doing breathing exercises or meditating you can add an affirmation such as “I live my life in perfect harmony”.

There are also many tips on how to get and keep lungs healthy that can be found on the internet from medical centers such as this link at the Rush Copley Medical Center in the USA.

June 12th 2019

Besessenheit – ein kontroverses Thema

Kann ich Besetzungen lösen?

Manchmal behauptet eine Patient von irgendeiner Fremdenergie “besessen” zu sein. Dies ist ein kontroverses Thema. Es gibt Heiler die werben sich als Spezialisten in diesem Bereich. Man hat mich auch gefragt ob ich Besetzungen lösen kann.

Was sagen ein paar Experten zu diesem Thema?

In meiner Heiler Ausbildung, vor mehr als zehn Jahren, hat Horst Krohne uns gesagt dass er in 35 Jahren nie eine echte Besetzung gefunden hat. Laut ihm waren diese Fälle meistens selbst auferlegte Abwerhmechanismen auf Schüre oder V erwünschungen, die dann als realität gelebt wurden. (1).

Das Medium Paul Meek schreibt in seinem Buch: “Das Tor zum Himmel ist immer offen” folgendes;

“Es gibt nur wenige Fälle von Besessenheit!Jeden einzelnen Fall von “angeblicher Besessenheit” könnten ich letztendlich aufklären. In nur ca. 5% alle Fälle war an Besessenheit zu denken; und ich meine wirklich “denken”. (2)

Also, es wird empfohlen das Thema zu rechechieren., wenn Sie denken Sie eine Besetzung haben oder Sie bekommen es von jemand anders gesagt.

Kann ich Leute helfen die behaupten Sie sind besetz? Ja, es gibt diese Möglichkeit aber wie immer nie ein Garantie.


  1. Heilerausbildung – Schule der Geistheilung nach Horst Krohne.

  2. Das Tor zu Himmel ist immer offen – Paul Meek. Kapital 23: Können bose Geister uns etwas antun?   10 Juli 2019