Visit to Arthur Findlay College in August 2023

In August I spent a fascinating and inspiring week at the AFC on a course run by Jeannette Marshall. I had never heard of her before but was attracted to her by the description of the course and the chance to practice Spirit Art. It was a very flexibly designed week during which I practised Trance Healing, Trance Speaking, Spirit Art, Platform Readings and more. Once evening we also took part in a Seance in different groups that was great fun. 

What also pleased me was that I found other independent thinkers had been attracted to the course and I found some people who view the world in a similar way to me. In spirituality there are also a lot of rule followers with relatively limited world views who actually believe what they read in the newspapers. They are not my tribe. It has given me the motivation to keep growing, to continually improve my connection to Spirit and to TRUST more and more that I am supported by SPIRIT and that this work I am doing will continually to evolve and receive more recognition here on the earth plane. It is always very satisfying to be able to help people but i never forget that I am a conduit for Spirit who work through me.


Letting Go Of The Past

I have begun a Substack Site to write my blog. Here you can read a post I recently did on Letting Go of The Past.


A most critical Time. 05 December 2021.

LWow. A lot has happened since my last post and a lot is still happening. Energetically it is intense. The pushback against this COVID tyranny is increasing and so is the tyranny. Massive protests all over the world, mostly ignored by the media, which is ramping up the fear again. From a spiritual point of view this is a chance to really grow and stand in your own power. There is a need for staying grounded, not getting too caught up in the day to day swings of emotions and to focus on that which is important to you. We need a support group both online and offline. What we should avoid is being sucked into fear. then it is time to take a step back and ground oneself again. Astrologers say the energy will be very intense for at least three months. The 3D world is trying to suck us all into their frequency. We need to rise to a higher frequency. The more we can do this the quicker we can bring down this outdated and failing 3D system that has so much control over us. I see more truth breaking out, more people speaking out and more people beginning to ask questions. The next few months are critical and could be particularly unpredictable.

Our Frequencies are rising and there is more to come. 15 September 2021.

Have you noticed your energy frequency as a healer or medium has increased recently? As the vibration of the earth rises those of us who work with energy will become more and more effective. It becomes easier for those in spirit who work with us to work THROUGH us. Their energy frequency is much finer than ours but we are moving quite quickly now towards theirs. On the 3D level we can see that more and more people are waking up and questioning the official narrative of COVID restrictions and realising that none of them have got any basis in science. I my opinion COVID, or rather this whole situation, has been created to help our planet move to a higher dimension and more and more people in the spiritual sphere are realising this. Sadly I know quire a few experienced mediums who have bought into the official scenario. I am confident as time goes past they will realise the true nature of the situation. The awakening taking place is a step by step process but the pace of change is increasing and those in power are becoming increasingly desperate to push their agenda forward more quickly as they see the pushback rising. In doing so they are exposing themselves and their goals to more and more people. It could become very chaotic and we need to be prepared for this both mentally and spiritually.

As Lightworkers we must raise the Vibration of the Earth - 28 August 2021

We are in an intense period of change on earth. People are waking up and pushing back more and more against those who want to control us. As spiritualists or lightworkers we have the role of shining the light. Our role is to help raise the vibration of the planet to a higher level. Yes, we can also go on peaceful protests too if we want. By helping to raise the vibration of the planet we are aiding those who are engaged in the pushback. The more we raise the energy the quicker this transformation process will be and the less painful it will be. It seems to me that they cannot much longer hide the fact that the gene therapy investigative vaccines are resulting in enormous numbers of deaths and serious side effects. It feels as if the dam could burst in the coming few months. You can help raise the vibration of mother earth by meditating alone, in groups and by your daily behaviour. Shouting and insulting people who are stuck with their narrow view of the world does nothing to improve the situation.

The highest form of energy is Love. 10/08/21

At this very challenging time when the energies are heating up we can support the light by sending positive thoughts, energy and love to the planet or to a place on the planet where there is currently conflict. There is a big choice. We can send energy to the leaders who seem hell bent on ending democracy and creating a two tier society. We can send energy to those who are protesting this. We can send energy to those who are getting the truth out and need to be heard. We can use social media to support them. There are many things we can do energetically. Love is the highest vibration and can be sent to any person or place we want to help.

New Moon in LEO on 08/08.

Today is a New Moon in Leo and the energy peak of what is known in Astrology as The Lions Gate. We are still in this period of freedom versus control. The old structures are being exposed for the corrupt entities that they are and layers of truth are appearing and will continue to appear. People are slowly waking up to the power play that COVID is and pushing back. Those who want freedom and a more spiritual world – even though they might not use the word spiritual – are finding each other and organising. This includes lawyers. Groups of them have been working behind the scenes for many months now and this will lead to court cases in due course. For us we must be the light. Our role as lightworkers is to support the truth and freedom movement and promote peace and a more harmonious world.

Freedom versus Control - Spiritual Warfare - 20 July 2021

Recent events have seen an escalation of attempts by governments to enforce vaccine ID cards and coerce people into getting a COVID vaccine. At the same time the number of reported vaccine deaths in the EU, UK and US continues to climb. In addition a CDC whistle blower has emerged who states that 45K people have been registered with the VAARS reporting system that have not been made known on the VAARS site. Deaths and side effects are widely known to be under reported so the complete total is an intelligent guess and certainly well over 100k for the above regions. This is an outrageous number that should have long ago led to these experimental products being withdrawn. Spiritually we are in a time of transformation. Freedom versus Control. The people rising up. Truth coming out. This will continue to escalate. There will be more attempts at control and more resistance.

The COVID Narrative - Good versus Evil - 24 June 2021

If you go to medical school you  learn that in so-called pandemics lockdowns, distancing and masks do not work. You look after the weak and encourage more washing of hands,. i.e. better hygiene. So why have almost all Western government done the complete opposite of what is in the text books? And the one that didn’t, Sweden, was roundly attacked, but has come out with a result better than the EU average without totally destroying its economy and scaring and emotionally damaging so many people. One of the results of these restrictions is that many, many people have psychological scars that will last a long time. Some people are still afraid to go out. Many children have had little social contact with other children. Those who live alone have had it hardest in many cases especially if they have little online contact with people. Those hardest hit have been people in old folks homes confined to their rooms and who do not have any online abilities. To put it bluntly there has been a psychological war against the people. The promotion 24/7 of fear. The COVID narrative is not based on science but fear. Now we have the widespread promotion of experimental vaccines, hardly tested, that have already been reported to have killed and seriously injured tens of thousands of people. Yet, we see emotional blackmail everywhere to “persuade” people, and even children, to get their jabs. One wonders how many people will have to die before they are withdrawn completely. Recently four British Airways pilots died in one week. Pilots are given regular health checks and are among the healthiest of professions. Eventually we are going to see a massive revolt against governments and institutions as more and more people realise just how much they have been lied to and deceived. This will lead to one crisis after another but also the chance to awaken people to just how utterly corrupt our systems are, not just politics and banking, everything. In turn this will give us a chance to have a massive clear out and to create something better. How long this process takes depends on how much we are prepared to go along with the lockdown charades and fear based COVID narratives promoted by those for whom the usual restrictions do not apply. From a spiritual point of view we are in a spiritual war. Good versus evil. Our role is to understand this and to try and encourage people to ask questions, be brave, stand up to the bullying and blackmail and stick together. This is a time of great transformation and if we are persistent we will win through.

Getting the Basics Right - 22 June 2021

I watched the England versus Scotland soccer match the other night. When I was younger I played soccer often and became quite a good junior player. I was a late developer. I didn’t have any proper training until I was at least twenty. Eventually I became a centre half but earlier I was a goalkeeper, full back and midfield player. the gam e was very even with not many chances and ended in a 0-0 draw. The player of the match was a young Scottish midfield player called Billy Gilmour. His role in the team was basically to be the busy bee in the middle. To break up England attacks, be available to receive and give the ball as Scotland kept possession and built up attacks themselves. What I noticed was that he did all the basic things very, very well. Good first time control, good awareness, good self discipline. Motivated but not over-motivated. In the past the Scots have played against England with steam coming out of their ears but this time they had a game plan and stuck to it. Being able to do the basic things well gives you a solid platform to add on that extra bit of class. To get to that level requires a lot of practice. regular practice. It is the same with anything. So if you want to develop mediumistic or healing skills you must practice regularly. It is especially important in the formative years to build up a very good connection to Spirit so that they can work through you more easily. Their energy is much finer than ours and they need time to get used to it. The message here is that whatever you want to be really good at you must practice regularly. You cannot become a black belt by training once a week for 30 minutes. Nor can you become a successful medium if you only sit sporadically.

Embracing Change 16 June 2021

There is a wonderful astrologist on You Tube called Pam Gregory. She posts one video every two weeks on the BIG astrological picture. There are of course other very good astrologers too but I do not know all of them. I am not a qualified astrologer but have been interested in it for decades. At this time we are in a period of deep transformation. The energy of the planet is rising. It is a time of the old systems being exposed for being totally corrupt and new ones coming in to replace them. Waves of truth can be expected that will shed a light on the corruption of pretty well everything. Not only politics and banking, but science, the media, industry in general, the education system, everything. Potentially this process could be quite short but if we resist the changes and try and hang on to the old ways and beliefs it could go on for a long time. Essentially we are in an old fashioned fight between light and darkness, good and evil. This fight is never ending but at this present time is intensifying. Those at the top of the pyramid want to centralise and control all aspects of our lives using modern technology. They represent darkness. Those of us who do not want to be controlled either by digitalised passports, microchips or whatever, represent the light. I watched in interview with Eric Clapton the other day. He has been going through a process of waking up and realising that something is wrong. When trying to discuss this with his teenage daughters he has met total resistance. Many people have stopped texting him. This is a process we all go through when we start to connect the dots and realise that so much of what we have learnt or been told is false. This happened to me long ago. More and more people are asking questioning and realising that something is wrong. Those of us who have long understood this are there to help and encourage people adapt to their new reality. We should avoid attacking people who still live in their limited view of the world state. Our role as spiritual beings is to help raise the energy of the planet and work from the heart to help and support the transformation of the planet at this time. If you are reading this blog you are probably already at least partly awake to what is happening. What is you role in all of this? What can you contribute? Some hold mass meditations online. Others organise protests. Some have a blog or make You Tube videos, etc., etc. Some do a bit of everything. As Pam Gregory says it is important to avoid mainstream media and to focus much more on what we want to create rather than what is currently in the process of collapsing. It is good that the system is going to collapse for it will lead to an opportunity for positive change. Embrace it. Be a part of it. Love it.

What is Mediumship, Spiritual Healing and Trance Speaking etc? 07 June 2021

What is Mediumship? What is Spiritual Healing or Trance Healing? What is a Psychic? Let us begin with healing. A Spiritual Healer acts as a channel for the spirit world to transmit energy into a person seeking healing. This could be with traditional Reiki, or any kind of spiritual healing method. In Trance Healing a healer simply goes into a somewhat altered state and invites the spirit world to come in and carry out healing. Key to both is the relationship between healer and spirit. This is strengthened over a period of time through regular meditation or sitting in the power as it is referred to in the trade. What happens to the client seeking healing is between Source/God and the client.

A Medium also has built up a strong relationship with Spirit. Evidential based Mediumship is just that. I Medium tunes in to Spirit and receives and image, a message, details etc., of a loved one in Spirit that the Sitter will be able to recognise. The Medium speaks in a normal voice and simply give what they receive from Spirit. Sometimes nobody will come through or there will be a message the Sitter needs to hear at that particular time. A Trance Medium will go into a deeper state and be used by Spirit to bring through a message along with evidence from a loved one.

A Psychic is someone who can tune into a persons energy and give them a reading based on that. This also includes psychometry whereby a Psychic will take an object from the client such as a watch or piece of jewellery and use this to tune into their energy. A Psychic is not a Medium but a Medium is usually also psychic.

Finally, we have Trance Speaking. A Trance Speaker invites the spirit world to speak through them. Sometimes the speaker will speak in a tone of voice that is different of there maybe facial changes reflecting the characteristics of the person coming through. This, however, is not a necessity. Often the speaker speaks in their normal voice without any facial changes.

A genuine medium, sadly some are not genuine, will never put on a show or pretend to have a contact and will always try to provide evidence that the sitter can take. In addition, should the medium not be able to get a contact for whatever reason, they will say so and not accept a fee for the session.

Seek the Truth by Questioning - 04 June 2021

From a spiritual point of view COVID is a wake up call. It is the universe urging us to look at our lives and ask ourselves what is really important for us to lead happy and fulfilling lives. It is also about the universe taking a look at our corrupt systems, governments and institutions and bring them to account. We have to do this to raise our collective consciousness. One should ask some very basic questions about Lockdowns. For example: “What evidence is there that lockdowns work?” “What evidence is there that social distancing works?” “What evidence is there that wearing masks has any significant positive effect?” We should go even further and ask “What evidence is there that there is a pandemic”? and even “What evidence is there that the virus actually exists and causes this disease COVID”? What has happened is that the great mass of people have simply repeated what they have repeatedly been told without questioning anything. They have been manipulated into a state of fear by Governments, Public Health Officials and the Media. To be truly spiritual we must always question what we are told and seek the truth. Having faith in corrupt governments and supranational institutions is irresponsible. 

Trusting the Process and Setting Boundaries - 26 May 2021

Those of us who are empaths pick up on other peoples energy very quickly and sometimes get sucked into it. Our challenge is often to set boundaries and limits. We cannot be there for everybody all the time. Healing is an inside job. We can support, advise, empathize and channel healing energy but at the end of the day it is not our job to solve everybody’s problems. It is our role to be a beacon of light and try to set an example by taking responsibility of our own health and encourage others to do the same. Health is a multi-complex issue and each person is unique with their own unique emotional history and unique situation. As healers we must trust that spirit knows much more than we do and allow them to be in charge of the healing process when transferring energy and we need to constantly ask them for advice when trying to assist clients.

Change is Inevitable - Video on You Tube 18 May 2021

I have posted a short 12 minute video on You Tube called “Change is Inevitable”. The Universe is pushing us towards change. We need to go with the flow. resistance is futile.  You Tube: Alan Heaton Spirit Calling

Health, Freedom, Security. 09 May 2021

All through history people have moved to seek freedom and peace. It is happening now in America as people leave hard lockdown states like New York and California to more freedom oriented states like Florida and Texas. Florida is booming. In Europe there is currently nowhere to go where freedom is promoted. Things will surely change. It is also true that all through history the masses have been prepared to give up their freedoms for PERCEIVED security. The powers that be merely have to create some kind of crisis, spread fear, and offer a solution. This is what the Corona Virus situation is doing. The solution offered is vaccines, all of which are experimental, hardly tested and with many reported deaths and adverse effects. As a spiritual person I believe in natural health. We achieve a healthy body through a healthy lifestyle that includes not just food and drink but things that lead to inner peace and satisfaction. I am still working on myself and it will never stop. I urge you all to do the same and if you need help through spiritual healing to help overcome energetic blockages my offers for healing sessions are on this site. Peace.

Heuschnupfen und Allergieen 06 Mai 2021

Bei Allergien unterscheidet sich man zwischen körperlicher Allergie und seelischer Allergie. Die Aufgabe des Geistheilers ist immer die getroffenen Energiesysteme auszugleichen. Eine Ernährungsumstellung kann dazu kommen. Je ausgewogener man ist, um so wenig wahrscheinlic h ist es, dass man eine Allergie bekommt. Als ich jung war, habe ich sehr unter Heuschnupfen gelitten. Mit den Jahren wurde es weniger und weniger auf Grund, dass ich immer mehr innere Ruhe gefunden habe. 

Hay Fever Time 05 May 2021

In Northern Europe we are moving into peak Hay Fever season. This is when lots of people start reacting to various kinds of Spring and Early Sommer pollen by sneezing, coughing and scratching their eyes. I know what it is like. From end May to early July I used to get it really badly when I was younger. As I started to get closer to my thirties it began to ease and now it has almost gone completely. Louise Hay writes in her book “Heal your own Body” that allergies and hay fever are probably a result of denying your own power and being allergic to a particular person or several people. I learnt in my training with Horst Krohne that their was often an energetic connection to a difficult pregnancy or birth and early childhood experiences. Spiritual Healing can help in unblocking these connections and stimulating the healing process. Gaining self confidence and going into your own power also helps in the longer run. In my experience people with allergies often have issues with anxiety and low self esteem. These are issues that can be worked on and spiritual healing can play a helpful role. If you would like to book a session with me please email me at

Soccer in Europe also feels Shift in Energy and Consciousness 03 May 2021

The recent attempt by 12 Soccer Clubs to start a new super league has sparked a revolt among fans and players alike. Protests in Manchester yesterday resulted in the postponement of the Man Utd v Liverpool game. This is another sign that the collective consciousness on the planet is shifting. The new league would have given these 12 clubs a cartel situation and vastly increase their wealth possibilities. Today football clubs are basically corporations with corporate sponsors that use the emotional attachment fans have to them to maximise their value. As a football fan myself since I was a young boy I can speak with experience and knowledge on this subject though I am not nearly as interested in the sport as I was when young. Sport in general over the years has become more and more corporate and the rewards for sportsmen and sportswomen who are successful are enormous. Under current planetary influences as I understand them to be – I am not a professional astrologer – the battle for control of soccer clubs in Europe and especially in the UK will intensify as will the battle among the various bodies who administrate it.

Maintaining Good Mental Health in Lockdown 28 April 2021

Many of us have limited social contacts at the moment. Indeed, this situation has existed for more than a year now.  This, and the many other challenges that we have, often financial, can and do lead to mental health issues. The governments who are responsible for causing this seem largely oblivious to the problem. It can be difficult to maintain a reasonably positive state of mind. We cannot be happy 24/7. Experiencing sadness, anger and disappointment are all part of life. Having regular contact with nature can help. I live on the edge of town and go for a walk every day through fields and woodland. I also go jogging regularly and do some Karate outside in the fresh air by myself. This is good for my mental health. Additionally, I meditate most days. I try not to get to angry at the news. I do not watch TV or buy newspapers but read some news on the internet and seek our reliable independent news sources for professional analysis. Mainstream media is now largely a joke. There are other things that you can do. If you find yourself watching TV and eating comfort food all day long push yourself to get out of the house and get some fresh air. If you live in a city go to a park or down to the river. Ask Spirit to support you along the way.

Trusting Your Path 26 April 2021

I am here to serve spirit and God and the universe will look after me. It will not let me fall. It will guide me to where I need to be to fulfil my life purpose. I am manifesting my future. Focussing on what I really want in my life and taking action towards it. I am confident that I am where I am meant to be to take the next steps on my journey. 

Spiritual People Reacting to COVID 24 April 2021

How are people in the spiritual field reacting and behaving to the COVID narrative? In my experience pretty much the same as everybody else. That means that a small number could see through it immediately, an increasingly larger number have questioned it as time has gone on and are in the process of waking up but the majority have bought into it lock, sink and barrel. As spiritual people it is always our responsibility to question what we are being told especially by those in power and especially by those who have vested interests both financially and geopolitically. When the coordinated lockdowns began in March 2020 I knew immediately that something was wrong, partly because of my experience in geopolitics and partly because of my knowledge of basic virology. The famous American Economist Martin Armstrong stated in his blog at that time that based on information coming in to his office from around the world “This is a Coup”. It then took me a few more months to understand what the astrological and spiritual background was. From a spiritual point of view we are being asked to Wake Up. We need to look at our lives, look inward. Additionally we need to be able to see just how corrupt the system is and stop supporting it so that it can collapse and be replaced by something better. Going along with the COVID narrative it supporting the corrupt, outdated system of government, finance and industry that is now ready to collapse. The elites are attempting a massive power play to centralise power. However, they have overplayed their hand and will lose. How long this takes depends primarily on us.

Slavery or Freedom 22 April 2021

Humanity is at a fork in the road. One path leads to freedom the other to slavery. The path to slavery includes accepting the official COVID narrative, vaccines, vaccine passports and certificates, digitalised currencies and an end to cash, fake meat, the green agenda, basic income, and in general the centralisation of power. The promotion of a world religion goes with this. Freedom is basically the opposite. Health freedom, seeing through the COVID narrative, keeping cash, decentralisation of power, real natural food, getting back into tune with nature. The globalist elites are behind the COVID narrative, the fear mongering, attacking scientists and doctors who speak out and promote effective and cheap treatments and the importance of Vitamin D in creating a healthy immune system  A healthy immune system is the best vaccine there is. The COVID vaccines are hardly tested, experimental and not safe. They are also not neccessary.

Academic Education and Life Experiences 20 April 2021

In my experience people who are psychic and work as mediums or healers do not normally have an extensive academic education. Many of us, including me, found the rigid learning structure at school totally demotivating. Although I passed my eleven plus and was mainly at a grammar school (Gymnasium in Deutschland) I never felt that I was meant to be there and had no idea what I wanted to do. Now that I am able to look back I can say that the many challenging and demanding experiences I have had along the way have made me the person I have grown into. There is no doubt in my mind that I was being led into certain situations and continually moved on to another situation. I have seen a lot of the darker side of life and can empathise more easily with people going through difficult and challenging situations themselves.

Getting an academic education has a place in society but life experiences are in the long run far more valuable. A lot of what we are taught in the education system is in any case either not true or only partly true and most people leave with their piece of paper without the slightest idea about how the world really functions on a geopolitical basis. Being inquisitive about the world has been a characteristic of mine all of my life and without that I would probably not have been able to develop the spiritual abilities that I now possess. In my view it is essential to spiritual development to continually be open to new ideas, fresh challenges and the ability to change ones mind on any issue. So please always listen to those who know more than you do about a particular subject. Always be prepared to learn and acquire knowledge. Never sit on your laurels.

What is Your Life Purpose? 18 April 2021

A major spiritual reason for COVID is to push us towards our life purpose. Mine is to be a healer, medium, teacher and speaker. As I was only doing these things part time I have been pushed into developing them further. Perhaps you feel as if there is something you really should be doing but are not. The universe wants you to go deeper. We are all here for a reason and each person has a life purpose. Only some of us are meant to be healers and mediums. We need lots of people with other skills too. What is it that really makes to feel aligned and satisfied? Consider that this is the time to begin going into the direction spirit is guiding you to. It may require time and patience but when we move in the direction we are meant to go in we receive lots of support from the universe.

An Astological Influence 14 April 2021

I am not an Astrologist but have had an interest in it since I was a young commodities dealer in London. Through my interest in technical analysis I became aware how certain astrological aspects could affect markets because markets are very much about how the collective responds to a variety of events. Eclipses, for example, are turning points and can be used as part of an overall analysis to identify major turning points in markets.

In January 2020 Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto came together in Capricorn for the first time in thousands of years. In Astrology is was a hugely significant event and the subject of much speculation in advance and since. Capricorn represents power. This could be the governments though real power is above them. Governments are usually there to represent the interests of the really powerful. 

In short the combination of Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto all appearing in Capricorn at once indicates a great upheaval of the structure of power. A great battle between those who want to remain and centralise their power even more and those who want to have more freedom and expose them for their corruption and generally evil behaviour. Mars also came into the picture from mid-March last year for some weeks and that was exactly when the COVID lockdowns began.

We can see this fight, which is to all intents a spiritual war between good and evil, playing out right now. The opposition to lockdowns and other attempts to limit freedom are growing. At the same time the old powers are attempting to accelerate their agenda by calling for things like vaccine passports, promoting every mutant as the next thing to be afraid of and so on. The mainstream media is still continuing with it’s 24/7 fear porn and attacking or ignoring those who speak out against the official narratives. “Attacking the Messenger” is the old technique being used over and over. Debate and objective journalism have been carefully avoided.

One would expect the forces of freedom and truth to win out in the long run as the number of people waking up is rising by the day and the Earth’s changing energy frequencies support this. However, those in power will not simply walk away. It could be a long and nasty fight with many possible side effects such as an economic depression, war, a collapsing financial system, widespread rioting  and more. The possibility exists, on the other hand, to accelerate the process of transformation through mass meditations that raise the energy frequency still further, not going along with the lockdown regulations as far as possible and protesting peacefully. Those of us who understand the significance of what is happening also need to try and make others aware in a diplomatic manner.

May we live in interesting and challenging times. For we do. And for some of us at least, it is for this moment that we have been preparing, consciously or unconsciously.

The Truth is Gaining Momentum 10 April 2021

I have noticed that more and more Medical Doctors in the USA are going public on how they have been successful in treating COVID patients with various treatments such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc and Vitamin D. That these effective and cheap treatments have been demonised by many in power and the mainstream media is an indicator of significant corruption at high levels of governments and institutions. Once people begin to realise what the truth is, a momentum builds up and there is no stopping it. One of the reasons for COVID from a spiritual point of view is to expose just how corrupt our power structure is so that we can begin the process of bringing it down in order to replace it with something better.

Being there for Yourself 07 April 2021

Nearly two years ago somebody said to me: “I need you in the team. You are a rock.” The story of my life. The person who has always been reliable, there to protect others, available to help when needed, the person who has always put others first. Looking back when I have needed help there was almost nobody there. Therefore, one of my goals now is to put myself first and focus on what I really want to do with the rest of my life. This means setting boundaries and letting some people and things go that do not support my life purpose and path.

I am by nature a helper. I could not be a spiritual healer if this was not so. But all of us need some structure in life and cannot be expected to be all things to all people. If you feel you might also fit into this description then consider your current situation. Do the people you spend most of your time with support your true self? Are you following your life path? We are in a period of great energetic transformation. It is time for change especially for those of us who feel that we are more than simply a physical body in a materialistic world.

Consider where you would like to be in a year or two. Perhaps longer. Where are you now. What are the first steps you can take to begin the transformation? Off we go!!

The Spiritual Reasons Behind COVID 06 April 2021

What does Spirit want us to learn from COVID? Why is it happening from a spiritual point of view?  There are two main themes.

Firstly, Spirit wants us to take a look within. To look at the way we are living as individuals and as groups. Are we doing things that make us happy and content? Do we have a job that brings us satisfaction and do our values align with the way our employer does business? Have we got a support group around us or are we hanging on to people just because they have been friends for a long time or because they are family? Are we living where we want to? This is the time to ask these questions and start taking action to improve where required. I am in the process of doing this myself. There are people in my life who do not support my spirituality, who are not inquisitive about the world like I am. They need to be replaced by people who are on my wavelength and I am beginning this process. What about you?

Secondly, Spirit has presented us with an opportunity to see just how incredibly corrupt our political, financial and industrial systems are. Not to mention how corrupt science is. Like everything else it is highly influenced by money, political agendas and human nature. From a mundane, materialist and geopolitical point of view, COVID is a major power play by globalist elites to restructure society along lines of a 1984 style system. In other words it is about the centralization of everything and complete control of everything and everybody. The evidence for this is overwhelming. If you are sceptical and have faith in the system who will need to be prepared to question your beliefs and do a lot of research in order to form an opinion. 

In general, Spirit has presented us with a chance to transform our own lives and to transform our societies for the better. We cannot do this by sitting in front of the TV and buying into the relentless COVID propaganda. All statements made by governments and institutions must be questioned and examined. Always look behind the numbers and statistics and remember this: PEOPLE IN POWER LIE AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE. Most people go along with whatever they have to to hold a job down, pay the bills and keep family and friends happy. If we are to be true to our spiritual nature we must be the ones who stand up to be counted and refuse to go along with this globalist agenda as far as is possible. SPREAD LOVE NOT FEAR. The media spreads fear everyday. So do governments and paid for scientists. We can counter this with a smile and a refusal to buy into it. We are a minority but a growing minority. The powers that be are few but their power is great. They are trying to wear us down with emotional blackmail and psychological warfare techniques. They have a limited timeframe to push through their agenda before too many people have woken up. It is up to mankind to understand what their agenda is and to stop supporting it. Spirit is giving us this opportunity. 


Eine Chance etwas neues zu entwickeln?  11 Mai 2020

Obwohl das Lockdown viele wirtschaftliche Probleme und viele Nebenerkrankungen verursacht, gibt es aus spiritueller Sicht mögliche positive Entwicklungen vorzustellen.

Einige von uns haben viel Zeit zu Hause verbringen müssen und wir haben dieser Zeit ausgenutzt zum Überleben, ob wir ein Leben führen, dass uns wirklich innere Zufriedenheit bringt. Darüber hinaus, gibt es immer mehr Menschen, die sich fragen, ob die offiziellen Institutionen wie die Welt Gesundheitsorganisation oder sogar die Regierung, die Wahrheit erzählen. Dazu, verliert den Medien weiter an Vertrauen und Glaubwürdigkeit unter der Bevölkerung.

Astrologen meinen, dass die Energie um uns steigt und die Vibrationen Änderungen zugunsten der Menschen unterstützen und die bisher versteckte Wahrheit wird veröffentlicht. Hier geht es um Korruption unter der Eliten, Politikern, u.s.w., die zurzeit nur wenig von uns bekannt ist.

In der kommenden Dekade kann eine bessere Welt entstehen. Das alte System muss aber zuerst zusammenfallen, damit ein neues System entwickelt werden kann. Dieser Prozess könnte ziemlich chaotisch sein und verlangt von uns, die die Geopolitik gut verstehen und auch spirituelle Menschen sind, Geduld, Mut und Verständnis.

The Virus Fear 26 April 2020

An atmosphere of fear has been created around a virus called COVID 19. The mainstream media has primarily created this fear with 24/7 saturated coverage. Nothing else appears to matter anymore. The lockdown has created more fear as so many people have lost their jobs or think they might whilst many others are on short working.


If you buy into the fear they have got you. Take steps to dissascociate from it. Meditate. Do tapping or Ecomeditation (tapping with meditation). Go outside for a walk or exercise and take in deep breaths of fresh PRANA. Take other steps to strengthen your immune system such as improving your diet, watching something humorous on the internet and of course exercise.

As far as the virus is concerned the available date tells us that statistically it is similar to the flu. We must therefore ask ourselves why all this panic and fear?

I suggest people do lots of research and ask lots of questions.

Changing The World 12 August 2019

Most people reading this will believe we are a soul having a physical experience. Most, though not all, will believe we have had many lives and many experiences leading to where we are now. In turn this current civilisation has evolved over time to where it is now. Frankly, it is sometimes difficult to be optimistic about the human race. Wars and revolutions take place on a regular basis. Over the years I have become a bit of an expert on geopolitical developments because I wanted to understand from a young age how society or the world worked. It is not a pretty picture. Those at the top of the pyramid are anything but spiritual. However, consider this. They are there because the rest of us allow them to be there. We support the system by working for it and buying their products and services. We vote for their puppet politicians falling for their clever and deceitful speeches and empty promises. 

The powers that be are not one group of people with a CEO and CFO. There are different interests all competing for position just like in office politics. You cannot change the system from the top. You begin from the bottom. There are so many simple things that a person can do to have an effect. Stop buying mainstream newspapers and magazines. They are merely mouthpieces of the elites – all of them. The same goes for mainstream TV and Radio. Throw your TV away. Keep social media to a minimum. Engage with people face to face. Take an interest in your neighbours. Eat healthier food. Try and buy some of it from markets and small shops. Who do you work for? What are the top managers involved in? Are they members of organisations like the Bilderbergers, the CFR or ECFR? Do they attend Davos or Google Camp? All these are globalist organisations seeking to move us closer to a more controlled and centralised society. Remember you provide support to these people by working for them. You also support them if you are a customer. It is ENERGY. You give them power and energy by your behaviour towards them. If you stop working for them and stop buying their products and services then you reduce their power over you and their overall influence.

Be a questioner and not a repeater. The education system produces obedient and efficient cogs in the system who are largely incapable of inquiry and satisfied simply with a degree of perceived security and safety. Is this what the soul wants? I don’t think so. The soul wants to grow and evolve and experience. It cant do that if you are a mere corporate or government slave.

My call to action is to please consider what you can do at your level to support a more humane society and to take steps in this direction.

Affirmation 08 August 2019

Glücklich bin ich.

Gesund bin ich.

Heilig bin ich.

Healthy am I.

Happy am I.

Holy am I.

BREATHING   Correct breathing and breathing exercises have long been thought to improve health. They can also be used to improve spiritual and psychic abilities.

There are a wide variety of breathing exercises. These include yoga techniques, the DR Butyoko method (s) and Cosmic Breathing as described and practised by the great British healer Harry Edwards (1893-1976) and many more.

I use a simple 4 beat breathing exercise once or twice a day for overall benefit. Breath in to the count of four – hold to the count of four – breath out to the count of four – hold to the count of four. Repeat several times. You can do this lying on the floor, standing or sitting at your own pace. I also practice Cosmic Breathing.

Cosmic Breathing was used as a prelude to distant healing by Harry Edwards as well as for general benefit. The sitter should go into meditation and bring their foucs to their breath. Then breathe in slowly through the nose, filling the lungs, hold for a short period then breathe out slowly and completly. Repeat a few times.

Whilst breathing in the sitter should visualise or be conscious of taking in inner strength and vitality

to supply the body with cleansing and vigorating forces. (A). Whilst breathing out imagine releasing waste.

A = Cosmic Breathing P31-33. A Guide To The Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing by Harry Edwards.

In Louise Hay’s book “You can heal your life” she associatetes lung problems with the ability to take in life. Whilst doing breathing exercises or meditating you can add an affirmation such as “I live my life in perfect harmony”.

There are also many tips on how to get and keep lungs healthy that can be found on the internet from medical centers such as this link at the Rush Copley Medical Center in the USA.

June 12th 2019

Besessenheit – ein kontroverses Thema

Kann ich Besetzungen lösen?

Manchmal behauptet eine Patient von irgendeiner Fremdenergie “besessen” zu sein. Dies ist ein kontroverses Thema. Es gibt Heiler die werben sich als Spezialisten in diesem Bereich. Man hat mich auch gefragt ob ich Besetzungen lösen kann.

Was sagen ein paar Experten zu diesem Thema?

In meiner Heiler Ausbildung, vor mehr als zehn Jahren, hat Horst Krohne uns gesagt dass er in 35 Jahren nie eine echte Besetzung gefunden hat. Laut ihm waren diese Fälle meistens selbst auferlegte Abwerhmechanismen auf Schüre oder V erwünschungen, die dann als realität gelebt wurden. (1).

Das Medium Paul Meek schreibt in seinem Buch: “Das Tor zum Himmel ist immer offen” folgendes;

“Es gibt nur wenige Fälle von Besessenheit!Jeden einzelnen Fall von “angeblicher Besessenheit” könnten ich letztendlich aufklären. In nur ca. 5% alle Fälle war an Besessenheit zu denken; und ich meine wirklich “denken”. (2)

Also, es wird empfohlen das Thema zu rechechieren., wenn Sie denken Sie eine Besetzung haben oder Sie bekommen es von jemand anders gesagt.

Kann ich Leute helfen die behaupten Sie sind besetz? Ja, es gibt diese Möglichkeit aber wie immer nie ein Garantie.


  1. Heilerausbildung – Schule der Geistheilung nach Horst Krohne.

  2. Das Tor zu Himmel ist immer offen – Paul Meek. Kapital 23: Können bose Geister uns etwas antun?   10 Juli 2019

Visit to Arthur Findlay College in August 2023

In August I spent a fascinating and inspiring week at the AFC on a course run by Jeannette Marshall. I had never heard of her before but was attracted to her by the description of the course and the chance to practice Spirit Art. It was a very flexibly designed week during which I practised Trance Healing, Trance Speaking, Spirit Art, Platform Readings and more. Once evening we also took part in a Seance in different groups that was great fun. 

What also pleased me was that I found other independent thinkers had been attracted to the course and I found some people who view the world in a similar way to me. In spirituality there are also a lot of rule followers with relatively limited world views who actually believe what they read in the newspapers. They are not my tribe. It has given me the motivation to keep growing, to continually improve my connection to Spirit and to TRUST more and more that I am supported by SPIRIT and that this work I am doing will continually to evolve and receive more recognition here on the earth plane. It is always very satisfying to be able to help people but i never forget that I am a conduit for Spirit who work through me.

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